Investment Objective

The Concentrated Domestic All Cap Service seeks long-term capital appreciation. Current income is a secondary consideration in selecting portfolio investments.

Large/Mid Team

Data Sheets


Brown Capital Management strives to build investment programs that meet the needs of genuine long-term investors. Investment team members execute a time-tested process that seeks to position them as patient business owners, rather than short- term traders. They invest with the courage of their convictions, no matter the market environment. 

A methodical approach to investing in exceptional domestic all-cap companies

The investment team seeks to invest in exceptional companies that save time, lives, money and headaches or provide a compelling value proposition to consumers. The portfolio is comprised of 20-25 exceptional domestic all-cap growth companies selected from the firm's Large Cap, Mid and Small Company Strategies. These companies have the potential to grow revenues and earnings significantly over a three-to-five-year evaluation time horizon and beyond.

Benchmark agnostic

Experience has taught Brown Capital Management that managing to a benchmark can be a distraction and a threat to long-term results. Therefore, the portfolio’s holdings and performance may vary significantly from common indexes over time. As a result, the firm's low turnover approach may be best suited to investors who maintain a long-term investment horizon. 

Risk management

Managing risk occurs through portfolio diversification and, most important, an in-depth awareness of risk at a company level.