Fund Investment Objective

The International Small Company Fund seeks long-term capital appreciation. Current income is a secondary consideration in selecting portfolio investments.

International Team

Our Approach

The International Small Company Fund invests at least 80% of its total assets in the equity securities of non-U.S. based companies with total operating revenues of $500 million or less at the time of the initial investment, (“small companies”). The International Small Company Fund typically invests in common stocks. The Advisor seeks to build a portfolio of exceptional international small companies with the wherewithal to become exceptional large companies. The International Small Company Fund typically holds a portfolio of between 40 to 65 securities that the Advisor believes have the potential for growth.

A Portfolio Focused on Exceptional Companies

The Fund seeks to invest in exceptional companies that save time, lives, money or headaches, or provide an exceptional value proposition to consumers. The portfolio is comprised of these organizations that we believe have the potential to grow revenues and earnings significantly over a three-to-five-year investment time horizon and beyond.