Chairman, CEO and Founder

When I founded Brown Capital Management in 1983, my goal was to create a unique investment management firm that provided exceptional service, unparalleled expertise and outstanding results, while upholding the highest ethical standards. 

I, for one, certainly believe we have accomplished that—I say “we” because it has always been a team effort and because I know that the people here are the key to our success. I founded Brown Capital Management on three main principles:

  • We seek out the exceptional—the companies that stand out in their industries, the professionals  with unparalleled talent and character, and the clients with the vision and patience to reach for their goal.
  • We invest for the long term—holding companies for three to five years, helping employees to reach their potential, and delivering the truly personal service that makes clients feel valued.
  • We strive to always do the right thing—not simply acting in the best interests of our clients, but also operating with integrity in all situations. It’s simply the right thing to do. 

For more than 30 years, we have stuck to these principles—because we know they are the key to delivering exceptional results for our clients, our team and our community. I am proud that these values will continue to guide the firm into the future.

Eddie Brown