Why is your company so “team” focused?

We believe in working together as an investment team for several reasons.  “The best teams have a culture of collaboration, sharing and active dialogue.  But you also need a culture that tolerates disagreement and challenge.  While you have to have a base level of “we’re all in this together,” we’re also all trying to do the right thing for the client through a rigorous research process.  The really good investment ideas come from understanding what the key issues are, and that requires a lot of give and take.”  Duncan Evered, Managing Director and Senior Portfolio Manager  

Our team approach also flows through to business continuity in all departments. This ensures that a lean but dependable system is always present, fulfilling our client obligations to the highest expectations. If an employee is unable to perform his or her duties due to illness or emergency, several individuals are available to step in right away with a complete understanding of the work at hand. As a result, we never miss a beat in getting the job done.  We deliver the best of large-firm reliability with hands-on, small firm service.