Investment Objective

The International Small Company Service seeks long-term capital appreciation. Current income is a secondary consideration in selecting portfolio investments.


Brown Capital Management strives to build investment programs that meet the needs of genuine long-term investors. Investment team members execute a time-tested process that seeks to position them as patient business owners, rather than short- term traders. They invest with the courage of their convictions, no matter the market environment.

A Methodical Approach To Investing in Exceptional International Small Companies

The investment team seeks to identify and invest in exceptional companies that save time, lives, money or headaches, or provide a compelling value proposition to consumers. The portfolio is comprised of 40-65 of these exceptional international small growth companies that have the potential to grow revenues and earnings significantly over a three-to-five-year evaluation horizon and beyond.

Benchmark Agnostic

Experience taught Brown Capital Management that managing to a benchmark can be a distraction and a threat to long-term results. Therefore, the portfolio’s holdings and performance may vary significantly from common indexes over time. As a result, the firm's turnover approach may be best suited to investors who maintain a long-term investment horizon.

Risk Management

Managing risk occurs through portfolio diversification and, most important, an in-depth awareness of risk at a company level. 

International Small Company Investment Team

The International Team oversees the International Equity Strategy, International Equity Fund, International Small Company Strategy, and the International Small Company Fund. Consistent with all Brown Capital teams, these tenured portfolio managers also serve as generalists in fulfilling their research duties. Clients benefit from the team’s practical experience resulting from decades spent working through multiple market cycles. The team’s first priority is to build the capital of clients, pursued primarily by investing in what we believe to be exceptional international small growth companies. Selection of these companies is based on their capacity to grow over a three-to-five-year evaluation horizon and beyond.