“We strive for excellence in internal and external dealings, ensuring we remain focused on our mission.”

~ Management Committee

Brown Capital Management is named for our founder, Eddie Brown. We all follow, and deeply believe in, his core philosophies. We observe the highest ethical and professional standards in the conduct of our business because we believe that integrity is a crucial component of our relations with clients and each other. 

On Clients

We are dedicated to our clients. We continually strive to deliver exceptional service and results—because that’s what our clients deserve. As Donna Courtney, Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer, says, “Clients come first. That’s just the way it is.” Service and results are paramount. Our single goal is to provide the very best to every client. There is no downtime on doing that, says Tylethia Jones, Porfolio Administrator.

On Investing

We seek out the exceptional, being benchmark agnostic, and investing for the long term. We are patient investors who like and respect one another well enough to discuss issues candidly and effectively. Our long-term approach helps us to also focus on our current companies and remain patient in our analysis. We analyze our companies over a three-to-five year evaluation horizon with patience and tolerance, without being market driven, agrees Daman Blakeney, Managing Director and Senior Portfolio Manager.

On Employees

Brown Capital Management has always understood the value of hiring the most talented individuals and enabling them to do what they do best. We don't spend a few hours in interviews. We spend days. “The firm seeks to identify each person’s strengths and uses them to enhance the team as a whole,” Phyllis Smith, Director of Portfolio and Mutual Fund Administration. We work hard to retain employees, nurturing an environment where they can focus on delivering long-term investment results and service to our clients. Over the years, we have built an organization of smart, talented individuals that works as one. 

The culture at Brown Capital is people-focused and family-oriented, definitely different from other larger financial institutions, where it's difficult to see how your efforts contribute to the greater goal. Here, you can see every day how your work directly affects the overall picture,” adds Zakiyyah Batts, Portfolio Administrator.

On Community

Our goal is not only to be the best investment management company, but also the best people that we can be. We are deeply committed to—and involved with—our community because we believe that those who are blessed to earn and achieve a great deal should give something back. All of our employees are encouraged to be active in their respective communities. "Brown Capital Management’s leaders have created an atmosphere for investment excellence and community engagement. Through the company’s generous matching gift program and work-life flexibility, I have ample tools to give and volunteer with institutions that have a positive impact," Kwame Webb, Director and Senior Analyst.

Our Secret

At Brown Capital, our secret is a simple but proven one. We succeed because of our people, all of whom are experienced professionals with a shared set of ethics and a single goal of excellence. “Our success as a company is firmly built on our being a highly functioning, cohesive team. Together, we are Brown Capital,” Keith Lee, President and Chief Operating Officer

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